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For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree With Our Terms... WELCOME TO THIS POINT!   WARNING: If you have malice in Your Heart for any one of us,
put your malice behind you & join us in Loving Yourself, One Another & Your Neighbors, or keep your malice & GO AWAY NOW!  (Continued End of Page)
History,  Banking, IRS


Dream a Dream, together, You & Me!

Dream of You & Me, Loving One Another
Dream of You and Me, Loving Others
Doing for others, what we'd have them Do for U & Me.
One is Overcome. Together it is Difficult to Defeat us.
We Can, We Will, Prosper In Health & Love Together.
"Dream a Dream" with me, of "People Loving People"
The Answer To Every Kind of Evil. "Ministers of Love".

We're No Longer Alone & Gullible, But Together & Wiser Now!
People Loving People Songs $1 Monthly Contribution. Liaison Help!

:Roy: Thompson
First: Volunteer Host & Writer



We do not sell products or services only give you the best places we konw of to get them
Doctoring are Investigative Researchers who look at healing modalities worldwide in consideration of long term effectiveness, ease of application, sickness and disease coverage, availability and cost to sufferers. We review the application circumstances by which each Doctor may best maximize his or her patient's renewal of vitalized health. We review the community environmental circumstances that effect the physical (human, animal and plant) health environment to pursue the maximization of community health.  Our Clinics well be exclusively available to "Ministers of Love", "Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Ministers". 

Athletics, Physical Energy, Health & Strength
Couch Potatoes
Live Longer than Doctors!

What Kills Billionaires? 

Dead Athletes Don't Lie! 

Learn More About:
>Dr. Joel Wallach
>Reboundfx for Athletics
>90 Essential Nutrients 

Brain Health

CANCER 92% Well 14Wks   

Dr. Caldwell, IBM Ph 205-687-4267
Cancer Protocol: 
1) food grade organic baking soda
2) Organic Maple Syrup
Mix 5-Tablespoons Syrup
1/2 Teaspoon Baking Soda
Add together, Caramelize in pan

Eat 3+ Times a day for 3 weeks

Apricot Kernels
7 Seeds Kernels a day
Cancer Present Protocol
1 Kernel for 10lbs body weight
a day. Dr. C Patients up2 36 a day
Blend n G. Smoothies (

Just Like Sugar, Good 4UR Health buy at:, 

Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C
Lypo-Spheric C Better than Injections

Healthiest Water Worldwide

Dr. Caldwell Paul Nison daylight Diet...

... Dr. Joel Wallach, Yongevity

Stresses, Weight Gain

The Other 14%: Lacking any of 90 Essential Nutrients results in birth defects, suffering & early deaths.

5 Minutes, 2 X Energy in 7 days

Organic Foods
   Organic Consumers Association

Raw Foods Etc.

Reishi Mushroom (Google)

Organo Gold, Gano, Other Brands

Easiest: Weight Loss, Health Gain!

Raw Family

Sleeping on your left side:

Erectile Dysfunction, Long Life++


WaterThe Water & Air: Need & Solutions


 (Continued from Top of Page)

In today's insane world of greed far too often it has become an enigma in our society of climbing over the rights & freedoms of others to assure more profits for one's self, company & or incorporation, who makes full & twisted use of Law to subjugate & rob from you & me while we are out to just stretch our legs & get a new, clean & fresh breath of air.  This is the greed for money, power & control over others evolved into insanity itself, gone fully mad.

Seemingly with nowhere to turn under the Universal Law of Agreements & Ancient, Precedence & Well Established Ecclesiastical, Common & Universal Law rises, Saving The World Together Ecclesia (Ekklesia) A Called Out, Assembly, Congregation of People to Love Themselves, One Another & Their Neighbors with real acts of help by Doing for One Another & Our Neighbors those things each of us & all of us would want each other & Our Neighbors to do for us & those we love also. 

The protection for our way of Loving Ourselves, One Another & Our Neighbors does not come with a gun & knife in our hands but in the from of Economical defense with Common Law Commercial Liens against the individuals & fictitious entities that try to or does harm against any one or more of us. We call this kind of misuse of power an Act of Aggression against all of us even if your aggression is targeted toward only one of our "Ministers of Love". 

We have Our Own Laws & Courts. A Precedent of Law thousands of years old. 

Our Laws Require you to notify us & give us the time to correct any wrong doings you believe we have or are doing before you take any type of action against any one of us or all of us. Taking Lawful action to demand any changes from us before notifying us is considered an "Act of Aggression" against us
If it is against one of us it is against all of us, our Laws or "One for All" & "All for One". 

You would be well advised to bring any grievance you may have directly to us as you have agreed to do by proceeding to this point. 

Our Laws also state that each of us & All of Us are to Love You & Do for You what We would want You to Do for Us & Those We Love, Also. 

Our Laws does not restrict us from defending ourselves, family, friends & Neighbors but does not allow us to act aggressively toward you are anyone else or to break anyone else's Laws designed to protect & serve themselves. 

Law 10) PROMENADE: (Our old-fashioned "Plan & Purpose" walk for pleasure, in full view of the public) Should any Minister of Love decide to act outside of our Laws of Love, at the moment they decide to do so & before they do the unloving act or acts which may cause harm to someone or any of their belongings, agrees that they have done so outside of the scope of their calling as a "Minister of Love" & thereby relinquishes their protection by our laws & is encouraged to make other "Ministers of Love" aware of their dis-fellowshipping act or acts, & seek our help with restoration with STWTsm™.org, "Ministers of Love" & personally take full responsibility for restitution with the party or parties their personal act or actions may have caused any harm, damage or cost.

We do not have any Employees: We are all Individual, Autonomous & Collective "Ministers of Love". We do what we Love, What needs to be done, Love & take care of each others needs. We are a Part of Your Community that Loves You!

                                                             For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree, with Our Terms.